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Site Policies

Website Privacy Policy

All users have the right to operate on this website anonymously, however in order for some functions of the website to operate correctly, cookies may be used.

IP addresses are recorded for website traffic usage, statistics, and website threat identification purposes only, and this information is stored for a maximum period of three months. 

Information captured (whether via use of cookies, statistical records or threat identification) is not passed on to third parties, except for events that have been identified as deliberate and malicious activity against the integrity of the site, in which case such information is passed on to relevant legislative authorities for further investigative and possible enforcement activities. 

All other user information that is collected is terminated with the session (unless the visitor has allowed the information to be stored as part of a committed and deliberate action to purchase or submission to the website). 

Any end user personal data that is collected is not done without that users consent. Any user data that is collected, is done under secure means, and all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction are employed.

Website Correction and Redress Policy

Where inaccurate information has been discovered on this website, please contact the Website Manager and inform of:

  • identify the page that is believed to be inaccurate

  • identify the section or item that appears to be inaccurate

  • provide the correction or action requiring redress

  • provide evidence or supporting evidence of the item requiring correction or redress

  • provide contact details through which the Website Manager can update you on redress actions undertaken

Website Terms & Conditions & Warranties

Actions are undertaken monthly in attempts to protect both this website, and visitors of this website from malicious intent.

However, the Website Manager and Website Owner take no responsibility for any items that may have affected your device through accessing this website, that was not part of the original documented website specification, namely in the event that a third party has maliciously hacked in part or whole this website and facilitated to pass on content that is not originally part of this website. 

Where possible this website has sought to meet ISO standards, and New Zealand governing legislation. The Website Manager and Website Owner take no responsibility for meeting legislative requirements in countries foreign to New Zealand, and as such do not make any effort to comply with foreign legislation or regulations for websites.